19 projects, ideas and tips to try when you’re spending more time at home

Keeping your home and your well-being healthy

With coronavirus being declared a worldwide pandemic, experts have made it very clear that social distancing and self-isolation are the best ways to prevent the virus from spreading.

Since we’re a brand that focuses on bettering your home, your garden and your lifestyle, we thought we’d put together a list of ways you can improve your surroundings and hopefully, your well-being—from easy projects and new hobbies to deep-cleaning techniques and organizing strategies.

Adult Hobbies

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If you’ve got a garden (or pantry) full of zucchini, green beans or other vegetables, use this time to try your hand at fermenting with our Fermenting Basics story. All you need are veggies, mason jars, water and salt.

Ease the stress and anxiety you may be feeling with the help of essential oils using our Essential Oils 101 guide to promote overall well-being.

In the spirit of staying hearty and sustainable, why not replant your beloved succulents into a more creative and attractive container? If you need inspiration, we’ve found 8 Creative Ways to Plant Succulents.

Kid Entertainment

Photography by Jennifer McHugh.

Spark their interest in gardening with these 8 Easy Garden Hacks that feature things you easily find in your kitchen. Take the garden and sustainability lessons a step further using How to Use These 8 Household Items in the Garden.

Collaborate as a family. Let this DIY Abstract Mural inspire you, or try one of these other 9 Ideas for Blank Walls. Who doesn’t have extra paint somewhere in their home, right?

Try small-scale redecorating. Redo a dollhouse with DIY furnishings, flooring and wall treatments like our editor did for her daughter in The Dollhouse Makeover Part 1 (and Part 2).

Cleaning & Organizing

Clear the Air

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Kait Schulhof, the founder of A Clean Bee, gave us her best 8 Tips for a More Sustainable Lifestyle last summer. In that roundup are simple instructions for nontoxic cleaners you can easily make at home.

Cleanse your home of negative energy with our Clear the Air guide.

Easy Redecorating

Photography by Abbie Naber.

Rearrange and redecorate with items you already have. With our 5 Updates To Lighten Living Spaces guide, you can give your room a completely new feel without ever leaving it. And in Shop Your Home for a New Look, you’ll discover inspiration for refreshing your home without spending a dime.

Another easy way to breathe life back into a room is to reorganize the shelves. Read all our great tips in Shelf-Styling 101.

And now that we’re all keenly aware of the importance of self-care and good health, use this time to give your bathroom a little love with our Styling the Bathroom guide.


Photography by Gary Payne.

This cold green bean salad uses just simple, fresh ingredients. Plus, find six other ways to prepare green beans.

Comfort food is necessary for moments like these, and we can’t think of anything yummier (or easier) to make than Breakfast Republic’s mashed potato omelet.

While you may have to enjoy it indoors in front of your fireplace, this DIY S’mores Board features simple recipes for both marshmallows and hot chocolate that are guaranteed (small) crowd-pleasers.

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