8 Creative Ways to Plant Succulents

Think outside the basic pot with creative succulent designs

creative succulent design driftwood

Our 8 Favorite Creative Succulent Planting Ideas

We’ve probably all seen succulent-filled cowboy and rain boots. But boots aren’t the only kick-in-the-pants containers where succulents can be planted.

Not only do succulents not require much water, these beautiful plants have small root systems, so they also don’t require much space (or dirt). Which means that you can plant them in just about anything from bird cages to sinks to hollowed out pieces of driftwood. And succulents are idea for vertical gardening or nestling into nooks and crannies of existing garden designs.

Rachael Cohen, owner of Infinite Succulent, a plant design company and author of Infinite Succulent: Miniature Living Art to Keep or Share (due out February 2019 but available to pre-order now from bn.com, amazon.com and indiebound.org) has infinite ideas on where you can grow your succulents.

For inspiration, check out our gallery below of eight of our favorite creative succulent designs, ranging from vertical gardens, tablescapes, indoor options, to full outdoor planting projects. And for more information on which succulents thrive in the shade or indoors (hint: not many of them), read our feature here on Succulents in Shady Places.

8 Creative Succulent Planting Designs

  1. Around a tree base to add texture and color in open space on a low-water tree
  2. In a basket for a vertical garden on a fence or anywhere you can add a hook
  3. In a conch shell or series of conch shells for a layered, landscape display
  4. In a rock wall, taking advantage of natural space and cracks
  5. In a wooden bowl as a tablescape or centerpiece
  6. In an abalone shell for a dramatic arrangement
  7. In hollowed out or cracked driftwood pieces for a rustic touch
  8. In a wall, using mixed pots and displays on window sills, cubbies and shelves for a varied vertical garden
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