8 Creative Ways to Plant Succulents

Think outside the basic pot

We’ve probably all seen succulent-filled cowboy and rain boots. But boots aren’t the only kick-in-the-pants containers where succulents can be planted.

Since these don’t-need-much water plants have small root systems, they are also don’t-need-much-space and don’t-need-much-dirt plants, meaning that you can plant them in just about anything from bird cages to sinks.

Rachael Cohen, owner of Infinite Succulent, a plant design company and author of Infinite Succulent: Miniature Living Art to Keep or Share (due out February 2019 but available to pre-order now from bn.com, amazon.com and indiebound.org) has infinite ideas on where you can grow your succulents.

Here are eight that don’t need any explanation.

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