Clear the Air

Cleanse your home of negative energy in 5 steps

Clear the Air

The start of a new year

Clear the Air

“Healing sounds can break apart dense or heavy energy,” says Rachel Larraine Crawford (above) of Crawford Pallini.

is the perfect time to usher out the old and welcome in the new. Most of us begin with clearing the clutter in our homes. That’s a great initial step, but Rachel Larraine Crawford of Crawford Pallini says that removing energy debris that’s built up over time can be just as important.

“Space clearing offers a fresh start,” says Rachel, who specializes in incorporating interior design, feng shui, decluttering, reiki, crystal healing and more into her projects. Her space clearings can be used to great effect during times of change such as moving to a new home, recovering from an illness or breakup, beginning a new season, starting a new project or even following an argument—“or whenever energy feels stuck or just plain weird,” Rachel says.

Homes are like sponges, absorbing whatever transpires in the environment into the walls, furniture, carpet, ceiling—anything in the house. “Negative energy often accumulates in corners or in closets,” Rachel notes. “A cleansing releases all that, and helps the new energy filled with intentions and blessing circulate.”

While Rachel takes a deep dive into ridding a space of its negative vibes using different combinations of singing bowls, bells, reiki symbols, Tarot and Oracle card decks and crystals, she says there are a few things you can do if you’re feeling like the energy in your space needs a refresh.

1- Start with an intention. Clear the Air

“Putting pen to paper and noting what you want to release in your handwriting is a very powerful tool,” she says. From there, journal the intentions you want for the space. Is it tranquility, renewal, prosperity, something else? “If you move into a new home, for instance, you might start with a letter to the home,” she adds. Clear intentions invite vibrant, healthy energy.

2- Bring in fresh air.Clear the Air

Open up windows and doors so the toxic or stifling energy has somewhere to go.

3- Let it burn.

“You can burn herbs, incense or oils and diffuse them into the space,” Rachel says. She uses white sage, also known as California or bee sage, for burning. To light it, hold the sage at a 45-degree angle, light it, let it burn for 15-20 seconds, then gently blow out the flame so that you see orange embers on the end. Rachel then fans the smoke it produces with a feather and catches the ash in an abalone shell. “It hits all the natural elements—earth, water, air and fire,” she notes. Besides sage, palo santo or sweetgrass work too.

Clear the Air

4- Walk the space.

As you burn the sage (or other fragrance), make your
way around each room in a clockwise motion, paying special attention to corners and inside closets and cabinets, Rachel advises. “Just like the algae builds up in certain crevasses in a river, so too can energy get
stuck in corners or tiny spaces,” she says. “As you walk your home, repeat your intentions, your mantra throughout.”

Clear the Air

5- Invite the good.

To really brighten your newly cleansed space, only allow items in that make you happy. For each room, Rachel suggests plants to naturally purify the air as well as crystals and gems that align with your intentions. Rachel brings in jade to promote health and wellness (it also mitigates stress). She likes pyrite for prosperity plus protection, citrine for a happy family, rose quartz for a happy marriage, turquoise for travel and amethyst for peace and to help with sleep.


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