Millennial Pink is Here to Stay

4 ways to use pink in your home
millennial pink jaki yermian

Pink barstools pop with the subdued grays and blues in this kitchen, designed by Jaki Yermian of JY Design Interiors. Photo by Samantha Goh.

Millennial Pink?

It’s not a fleeting trend or an empowering feminist statement. Soft blush tones are the new neutrals that work for all spaces because variations of the hue offer a muted sophistication that’s not the typical cream, gray or greige.

Up-and-coming San Diego interior designer Jaki Yermian is a big believer in unexpected color, and treats pink like a neutral in the San Marcos home she designed that we featured in “Make Way for the Millennial,” pictured above.

The home’s palette thrives on the interplay of varied pink tones with bright metals, a subtler background color scheme, and a pretty sophistication throughout the furnishings. But pinks can work with many decor styles, however, from rustic and bohemian to formal and modern.

Here are a few ways to make the soft pastel an instant classic in your decor, then scroll down for a roundup of some of our favorite uses of pink we’ve seen in recent projects.

Mural: Loren James. Photo: Jenny Siegwart

4 Ways to Use Pink in Your Home

Go Metal. Pair pink with gold or brass. The pink helps soften the metallic, while gold empowers blush.

Stay timeless. Pick time-honored designs with clean lines in the rose-y tones. The timelessness and structure will complement the soft and delicate nature of the hue.

Art class. Bring the candy color in with artwork. Look for modern works or photographic prints that play with pink in a grown-up way.

Soft touch. Add a little luxe with velvet or flokati pillows, throws or other linens in the pretty pastel.


Here are some highlights from some recent projects we’ve seen — and loved — that feature pink hues. 

Gold and pink

At left, one homeowner chose wallpaper with pink-and-red lips to add whimsy to her children’s bathroom in this home designed by Christie May of Rockwell Interiors (photography by Robert Benson).

The warmth of the gold-rimmed mirror pops against the vivid kiss-colored wallpaper.

Read the full story, “Midcentury-Modern Dream House Discovery” here.

Timeless Color Pairings

Below, navy and pink take a nontraditional spin on a traditional piece of furniture. Clean lines and timeless structure provide the perfect almost-blank canvas for pink color choices, whether they’re more adventurous uses of pink, or soft and subdued. Read our recent features on paint color choices—and some unexpected color pairings for tips on stirring in some pink.

millennial pink blue navy color pairing paint home decor midcentury painted furniture

Pink Art Pops

In Jodie Alonso’s master bedroom, below, a whimsical Lucie Bennett print ties together several splashes of pink in the room. And in a several vignettes throughout the house, Jodie used pink accents and textures to tie together the home’s entire design. Read all about it in “English Country House,” here.

millennial pink home decor art

Luxe Pink Texture

Below, this space for a teenager (in a room shared with her sisters) embraces a variety of luxurious textures and tones in soft petal-inspired hues, designed by Maegan Swabb of M. Swabb Decor + Style for a collaboration with the nonprofit Pen + Napkin (photography by Halli Aldous). Read the full story, “Extreme Home Makeover,” here.

millennial pink

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