8 Surprising Paint Color Combos to Try in Your Home

Bold combinations to consider when choosing colors for paint, accessories and more

color combos wall paint navy monochromatic pink

We walked you through the ins and outs of choosing color paints and accents for your home, and here are some surprising combinations to get you started, whether it be different paint colors, or the way wall colors work with other featured colors on accents, accessories and more.

The architecture, the room’s fixed elements, and your physical and emotional response to a particular color should be your touchstones but here are some bold combinations to consider. As local color consultant Teresa Tullio says: “People should have what they love; it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks—as long as it’s done properly.

color combos paint charcoal gray golden yellow painted hutch painted furnitureNavy Gray and Orange

Shades of gray are extremely popular, but taking it toward navy and adding a pop of orange will definitely make a statement.

Brownish Purple and Greenish-Golden Yellow

This warm, rich combination adds a touch of class.

Navy and Emerald Green, Turquoise or Pink

Creating a dark, monochromatic room (everything including ceiling and trim painted one color) with minimal, hot accent colors is a dramatic trend.

Red and Deep Purple

“When I am an old woman I shall wear purple/With a red hat that doesn’t go” are the opening lines to a well-loved poem. But we beg to differ and offer a hearty endorsement of this dynamic duo.

Charcoal and Yellow Gold

A dark and stormy gray, with a flash of lightning provided by a rich yellow takes both colors to new heights.

Forest Green and Baby Blue

Kissing cousins on the color wheel, green and blue can come together for an elegant look.

Rust and Lilac

The earthy, neutral oranges in rust pair surprisingly well with a feminine violet tint. Or switch out the rust for a metallic copper.

Turquoise and Coral

Look out, the ’80s are back and they’re bringing Miami Vice colors with them.

color combos turquoise coral navy pink

All photography courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

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