Visually Enlarge Small Rooms

When designing their abodes, homeowners often find themselves hitting a wall when it comes to small spaces. The end goal is to make those rooms feel more open and comfortable. Here are four tips for making a small room appear larger.

Choose furniture in the proper scale. In small spaces, I often see furniture that’s too large or has too many pieces. This shrinks an already small room, making it difficult to live comfortably. Always measure a room before buying pieces, and don’t be afraid to edit.

Create height with drapery. When hanging drapery, mount rods as far up on the wall as they will go. I love track-like hardware that can be directly mounted to the ceiling. This draws the eye upward, making windows appear larger. Just be sure to go for full-length drapery.

Go big with art. Select one oversized piece of art and strategically place it in the room (like over a sofa or bed). I prefer pieces that are taller, as opposed to wider, as they have the ability to draw the eye upward. Mirrors are another good option, as they make a small space appear larger.

Embrace darker paint colors. Contrary to popular belief, darker paint colors create the illusion of a larger space. To trick the eye, paint walls and moldings the same color so there is no visual break in the space.


James Wheeler
J. Wheeler Designs

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Looking Up

Four kitchen designs tap into the ceiling
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