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Let’s Get StARTed

Mark your calendar for annual festivals showcasing the talents of painters, sculptors, ceramists, photographers and more

Permutations in Paradise

The one constant in a 2-acre Fallbrook landscape is that it’s never the same


Water and land meet in a Mexico-inspired seafood restaurant

Drink in the Scenery

One of the beauties of San Diego County is that you can enjoy wine festivals year-round
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The Artistic Touch

Some people love their neighbor-hood so much that they simply don’t want to leave. That was the case for Ted Schwarz and Josie Juncal Schwarz, who needed more space for three teenage boys, but wanted to remain in their Carlsbad neighborhood adjacent to the Omni La Costa Champions Golf Course.


After nearly 10 years of start-and-stop planning, Cohn Restaurant Group claims the waterfront spot where the Reuben E. Lee restaurant fell victim to its rusting hulk.

Follow the Leaders

Difficult, typical, cramped, closed off, sad and desperate: Those are words used by local designers describing “before” aspects of residential spaces they’ve remodeled.
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November Garden Planner

In this month of giving thanks, gardeners hope to be grateful for wet weather — perhaps an El Niño effect. Before rain falls, get natives in the ground to benefit from winter weather.

Permutations in Paradise

Repeat visitors, like expert members of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America or garden lovers on the Fallbrook Garden Club tour, know they will discover intriguing new additions to Wanda Mallen and Gary Vincent’s 2-acre plant paradise.

Cut It Out

An entrance is an opportunity to impress. Instead of standard, solid steps, these cantilevered concrete platforms accessorized with greenery create a more elegant look.
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Let’s Get StARTed

Anyone who has lived in San Diego for 100 years has witnessed a lot of changes in the art scene. Those with shorter-term residencies can get a cap-sulized education about the city’s art movements and artists at this month’s Art San Diego (Nov. 5-8).

Quest of the Guest

With the holiday season just around the corner, friends and colleagues are preparing for festive gatherings at their homes. In addition to our regular holiday shopping, we should stock up on great host gifts that make an impression.

Boundless Energy

In a playhouse, actors take the stage, the curtain goes up and the show begins. At the end, the actors bow to applause and the audience goes home. It’s a simple, time-honored ritual.
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Drink in the Scenery

If your interest in wine extends to the finer points of corks and other bottle closures, how various types of soil affect the taste of wine or preventive measures that guard against protein instability and tartrates, this is your month. If you just like trying different wines and don’t care how they’re made, this is your month.

Would You Believe It?

It's helpful for a farm-to-table restaurant to back the claim with an on-site gar-den. Chef Kurt Metzger’s Kitchen 4140 grows organic vegetables and fruits on 1,200 square feet behind the Morena Boulevard restaurant, some on water-wise hydroponic towers.

Cafe Minou - Ratatouille Crêpes

Alison McGrant and John Clute have opened an East Village crêperie on Eighth Avenue at G Street, a block away from their French restaurant, Cafe Chloe, on Ninth Avenue. Cafe Minou’s ratatouille rolls the famous vegetable stew of the Cote d’Azur inside tender, wonderfully savory, Breton-style pancakes.
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