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Restaurant Review: Bottega Americano

Bottega Americano is the new restaurant and marketplace located at Park & Island in the burgeoning Downtown East Village neighborhood of San Diego.

Saving Time: A Guide to Convervators

When works you've collected show signs of deterioration, you may need a conservator's help

Garden Planner: January

Bring in the new year with these refreshing tips and new plant suggestions.

Peace De Residence

A house on five acres in Jamul provides the most desirable setting for a painter and engineer.
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Organize a Small Laundry Area

Organization is key to keeping clutter at bay and facilitating the chore of laundry. Here are a few tips to managing a small laundry room so that it functions well for you.

Accentuate the Positive

Accessories are what I consider to be the final layer of a home. The best well-designed interior isn’t complete until you’ve added a few of your favorite things. It’s up to you to decide what and how much you want to bring into your home.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Fix Up Your Home

You don’t have to add a massive renovation to your list of expenses in order to be proud of your home. Rethink typical renovations, and pick smaller projects that yield significant impact. Here are a few enhancements that you can make to your home without spending a fortune.
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Popular Houseplants

Houseplants not only add beauty indoors, but also improve the health of our environments by releasing oxygen, reducing dust particles and absorbing pollutants in the air. The peaceful Zen feeling they bring can reduce stress. Here are some of our favorite houseplants.

Seed Viability

Spare yourself a disappointing spring by testing the viability of the older seeds in your collection before planting time. Month-by-Month Gardening California provides this simple procedure to calculate the germination rate, requiring nothing more than a paper towel, water and a plastic bag.

Bring Bees to Your Yard

You’ve probably heard by now that bees in the United States are disappearing. The following tips will help you create a beautiful garden that is helpful to bees and other beneficial insects.
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Debunking Conceptions About Art

In anticipation of the opening of Little Italy’s newest art gallery, Adelman Fine Art (coming in early February), five of the gallery’s featured artists share five common misconceptions about art and the real truths behind them.

Saving Time: A Guide to Convervators

There’s often confusion between the terms “conservation” and “restoration.” Restoration is one type of conservation treatment that refers specifically to the attempt to bring art closer to its original appearance, often through the addition of nonoriginal material.

The Naked Truth

Bram and Sandra Dijkstra loan nudes from their vast art collection to the Oceanside Museum of Art
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Skillet-Roasted Chicken With Garlic

“I love cooking chicken like this at home,” says Sean Brock, chef and author of Heritage. “It fills the house with an amazing aroma. The flavors of garlic, lemon and parsley are classic and delicious. You can throw this dish together with minimal shopping and prep. I serve it with a simple salad or a very fresh vegetable on the side.” Sean uses his own chicken-stock recipe from the book, but you can use store-bought stock.

Restaurant Review: Bottega Americano

Located on the first floor of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Bottega Americano features several seating areas, a bar and a deli counter. The interior design is a tour de force by Thomas Schoos, the man responsible for the design of Puesto at The Headquarters at Seaport Village, as well as Seersucker and Herringbone.

Pumpkin Gnocchi Recipe

This was a great year for pumpkins. The Red Door Family Garden harvested a record amount, well over 200 pounds of warm, succulent, nourishing flesh. Every part of the pumpkin is edible, from its leaves and flowers to its sweet, musky meat and crunchy seeds. But even if you aren’t blessed with a garden full of pumpkins, you can make this comforting winter recipe from canned or boxed organic pumpkin purée.
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Naked: 20th Century Nudes from the Dijkstra Collection


California Center for the Arts presents - Garrison Keillor


Fumbling Towards Ecstasy

Alberta Ballet to perform "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido on January 25

Coast To Cactus in Southern California

Opening January 17 at the San Diego Natural History Museum
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