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One of my favorite parts of the design process is choosing spectacular furniture. I love the rich history of furniture design, from its beginnings in ancient Egypt to Mid-Century Modern and on through to the clean transitional lines of today. Every piece of furniture contributes to the composition of a room. Here are pointers to help you find the perfect pieces.

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A modern interior doesn’t have to feel cold and unwelcoming. I rely on a sense of proportion and balance to maintain a calm, relaxed and inviting warmth in my modern designs. Here are some ideas to help achieve that balance.

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A combination of lighting — task, accent, decorative and ambient — will provide your home with design beauty as well as a visual aid when accomplishing tasks. Be aware that not every room in your home will need all four layers. If there is nothing of interest to highlight in a room, accent lighting may not be needed. Also, several layers may be accomplished by one light, such as a chandelier that provides ambient light or a pendant that also is a source of task lighting.

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If you want to emulate the beauty of ethnic décor in your home, there is one important idea to remember: It’s never too much. The goal in creating this eclectic look is to make the space you are designing stimulating.

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To create a safe home, there are simple, low-cost changes that can be made to increase comfort, safety and accessibility for adults, children, seniors and those with disabilities. Most products referred to here are available at big-box or local hardware stores.

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“How long will it take?” is a question builders hear a lot. People who haven’t built before often have an unrealistic concept of how long it can take to plan, budget, permit and build a home. Many variables can affect the timetable.



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As much as I love looking at paintings and sculptures by famous — and in many cases long-dead — artists, I appreciate even more the paintings and sculptures of artists who are not household names. Actually, they are household names — in my world. They are “local artists” that are living and breathing life into new ideas all the time.
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