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It’s not unusual for clients to ask their builder to use a trade contractor with whom they have an established relationship, or to let them buy their own plumbing fixtures or other items. Most builders won’t agree to this. Sticking to familiar subcontractors and approved suppliers is a policy that’s usually in the best interests of the builder and the homeowners.

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Your front porch is your home’s first impression. Make it pretty and a testament to your personality. Give your porch a little heart and soul, style and flair with these simple ideas.

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While we all may be drawn to certain colors, a strategic plan is necessary when you want to design an office space that promotes productivity. For example, my office (shown above) has a neutral base of cream and gold complemented by a fuchsia chair and matching sofa accented with multicolored throw pillows. With this color scheme, I was able to achieve a harmonious balance of vibrancy, optimism and relaxation so that I can get a lot done. Here are a few color tips to consider to increase productivity in your office space.

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Wallpaper has never gone out of style; it has just been reinvented throughout the years and is becoming increasingly popular in the circles of interior designers as a way to add texture and warmth. Using designer wallcovering is a chic way of pulling a room together.

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When properly chosen, art can add a lot to your home. Two-dimensional art, including paintings, photographs and wall sculptural art (such as fabric art) create focal points and balance. It provides a room with something to quietly contemplate — an antidote to the media invasions in our lives. A work of art, can be a conversation piece or bring in a home’s theme. Here are some tips to guide you.

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As a homeowner, you quickly find out that very few of your home’s features are maintenance free. Proper care of your house will keep you safe and comfortable for years to come. Here is a basic list from the American Association of Retired Persons to help you create a maintenance plan for your house.

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Having predominantly spent my formative years in the Midwest, the opportunities to go surfing were so few and far between that they were, essentially, nonexistent. The closest I got to the sport was watching Gidget movies at the drive-in.

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