Baths of the Year 2020: Fun And Fab

Bathroom winners stir styles for an overflow of fantastic
Baths of the Year 2020 Tracy Lynn Studio

Master bath by Shannon Weller and Tracy Lynn of Tracy Lynn Studio and photography by Ryan Garvin

This year’s winning bathrooms, judged by Ashley Goldman of The Gold Hive, Tatiana Machado-Rosas of Jackson Design & Remodeling, and Linda Medina of Linda Medina Interior Design, are filled with style surprises, including an up-and-coming material rarely seen in this interior space.

When you have a client who’s young and open to anything, you get to go a little crazy and off the wall and make the design a tad funky—which is just what Shannon Weller and Tracy Lynn of Tracy Lynn Studio did for 24-year-old Cheyenne Barajas in her master bathroom and powder room, both winners in this year’s Baths of the Year contest.

“The vintage, glam, boho, fun things you see out there now are exactly Cheyenne’s style,” Shannon says. “Although she is really quiet and it took prompting to discover what she likes, I did find out she loves Hollywood glam and bohemian style, that she’s into fashion and loves blush pinks and greens.”

Glam, Vintage And Boho Bath Of The Year 2020

Hot stuff in Cheyenne Barajas’ bathrooms include a curvy vanity; Kate Spade floral lights; shower wainscoting; and a chandelier with blown-glass baubles.

Hence the overscale stormy green leaves and rosy blooms of playful, floral wallpaper flanking a curvaceous custom vanity in the powder room.

Cheyenne favors the sexy vanity but the glitz of the backsplash behind the vanity may top her list of items to rave about in this tiny room. “Upon first glance it seems like a wall made of glitter, but in reality it is a rose gold-hued, 3D aluminum tile that reflects the light,” Shannon says.

A couple of vintage suitcases, snuck in under the vanity, bring a dash of boho cool to the room with their ’50s attitude of brass hinges, leather handles and decorative strapping. But overall, the room is “very girly and delicate and suits my personality,” Cheyenne says.

The distinct feminine touch travels to the master bathroom as well with its pink velvet-tufted bench, glittery chandelier, embroidered drapery and a designated makeup area with a mohair vanity stool.

“The twin main vanities drove the master bathroom,” Shannon says. “I wanted those to be a statement, not boring white.” These showstoppers feature teal drawers tucked within a curved marble island, the countertop marble waterfalling to pool into marble flooring.

“The vanities caught my eye because of their color but the marble caught me too,” Shannon continues. “They are timeless but have a vintage flair as well. For whatever reason, the vanities feel very midcentury to me.”

The free-standing tub by a floor-to-ceiling window has classic lines and is the perfect place for Cheyenne to enjoy a splash with her 21-month-old daughter Layla. But for a real splash zone, an all-marble, domed-ceiling “room” hits the spot. “This shower is the biggest I’ve ever done,” Shannon says. “You could do a cartwheel in here.”

With its detailed wainscoting, the space feels elevated in design as well as size and maintains the overall elegance of the master bathroom.

Bath of Year 2020 Fab Fun Shower And Vanity

“Love the elegance of this boho-chic master bath and the powder room’s Hollywood glam feel.”       — Tatiana Machado-Rosas

A mirror-less vanity and handmade, natural clay tile mixes modern finishes with Old World touches in this next 2020 winning bathroom. 


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