5 Ways to Decorate With Style—and a Sense of Humor

Expert (and fun) decor tips from whimsical, storied artists Jean Lowe and Kim MacConnel

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Artists Kim MacConnel and Jean Lowe’s Encinitas home is brimming with character and fun decor. You can read all about their home in our feature here. Interested in adding a bit more character, whimsy, art and creative personal touches to your home? Here, a few ideas to help you have fun with your decor.

fun decor creative blue walls painted shelvingFind pieces that make you laugh and incorporate them into a room.

Make treasure out of trash. Kim and Jean’s coffee table has a bouquet of the litter they removed from the beach (pictured below with an enamel-painted papier-mâché book).

Rebel against traditional styling advice. Fill shelves with tchotchkes that bring you joy—nostlagic items from your childhood, small artwork, whatever. The point is not to overthink it.

Display souvenirs. Whether you’ve been collecting cheap, tacky snowglobes or meaningful ornaments from the places you’ve been, put them out en masse and let the memories insight a smile and conversation.

Play with perception. The wardrobes in Kim and Jean’s bedroom are giant, made of plywood and painted with a faux woodgrain.

fun decor

Art as Home for Jean Lowe and Kim MacConnel

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