10 Ways to Update Your Tuscan-Style Home

Our tips on how to update Tuscan style and give the Old World a touch of the new

update tuscan style

10 Ways to Update Tuscan Style

Michael and Guinevere Koumjian’s Rancho Santa Fe Tuscan-style home is a perfect blend of Old World and contemporary, modern touches, colors and design. Here’s how to update Tuscan style and get this look:

1. Refinish dark ceiling beams, baseboards, door frames and other moldings in a lighter shade. Randy Spiegel of Doranco Corp. toned down the ceiling beams in the Koumjians’ home by giving them a warm brown-gray hue.

2. Paint walls white. Randy brightened the interiors by changing wall colors from golden tones to a more refreshing white.

update tuscan style

3. Hang contemporary art. Framed photo mosaics and other modern artworks in Michael and Guinevere’s home add contemporary character.

4. Bring in modern furniture pieces. The couple had existing contemporary pieces that they supplemented with modern furnishings from Ligne Roset.

5. Get rid of heavy wood beams on fireplaces. Randy took out the fireplace’s thick wood beams to bring in a more minimalist look.

6. Install modern lighting. Michael and Guinevere’s home got away from some of that heavier Tuscan look when wrought-iron light fixtures were replaced by contemporary chandeliers.

update tuscan style

7. Replace cabinet doors with sleek, Euro-style doors. The new cabinetry that Randy installed has clean lines—no visible hardware or raised paneling.

8. Add color and personality with pillows and other accessories. A blue shag pillow in the family room and a bright yellow throw on the living room sofa are simple additions in Michael and Guinevere’s home that easily help to update the style.

9. Remove window treatments. By getting rid of shutters and heavy draperies, the rooms not only get a more modern look, they also get the happiness of sunlight.

10. Keep it simple. Minimalism is key to bringing in a more clean-lined look. You won’t see tables and dressers jampacked with tchotchkes in the Koumjian home.

update tuscan style

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