Playful Hues: the joy of color brightens a living space

A cheerful balance of two classic looks celebrates a couple's individual styles
Playful Hues How To Brighten A Room

Tatiana Machado-Rosas of Jackson Design & Remodeling painted the artwork quartet inspired by the interior design of this living space.

When the grandchildren gather around this Carlsbad family’s heirloom 50-year-old player piano, they have something new to sing about: A living-room transformation that fills the space with cheer.

“The clients combined two styles: He preferred American traditional and classic looks; she was attracted to fun, contemporary and arty ideas,” says Tatiana Machado-Rosas of Jackson Design & Remodeling. “They wanted to integrate some of their antiques while presenting a modern feel and better balancing their styles.”

Although their interior-style aesthetics were different, the clients agreed they were ready to live with bright, happy colors. A breezy sky blue was selected for a main wall, which inspired the deep-coral hue on comfy velvet club chairs. Contrasting yellow accent pillows followed, their golden tint a nod to nailhead detailing on the chairs as well as brass elements on a sunburst mirror, delicate shell chandelier and center table.

Before The Redesign

This is what Tatiana Machado-Rosas’ clients’ room looked like before the redesign.

“We love how the center table balances the simplicity of its shape with the intricacy of the marquetry design,” Tatiana says. “The ivory wood with its turquoise pattern and the brass base combine to make the piece feel like jewelry for the space.”

An antique side table, originally used to display library books, was discovered 30 years ago in a small antique store in Lafayette, Colorado. The table and piano, refinished for a lighter look, bring the warmth of natural wood into the colorful space.

The other traditional piece, a reading chair, is the perfect spot to sit with a book and a cup of tea—or to listen to grandchildren belt out a jaunty chorus displayed on the rolls of the pianola.




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