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Partner Content: A sleek, stylish new refrigerator revolutionizes the way you organize groceries.


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A well-organized refrigerator does a lot for your kitchen. It simplifies prep since you don’t have to waste time hunting down ingredients. It can reduce your risk of getting food poisoning as safe storage is vital to preventing bacteria from infiltrating food. It can also save you money if you’ve ever discovered an expired condiment hiding in the back. According to the US Department of Agriculture, Americans waste about one pound of food per person, per day.

An organized fridge from Fisher & Paykel

The new Integrated Column Refrigeration series from Fisher & Paykel—available through Expressions Home Gallery—aims to reduce food contamination and waste while offering homeowners a fully customizable, sleek appliance featuring smart functionality that keeps food fresh.

“The [Integrated] Column Refrigeration has not only been designed to fit beautifully into your kitchen, its Variable Temperature Zone (VTZ) technology ensures that everything from farmers market produce to fresh fish and even your favorite bottle of sauvignon blanc is stored at optimal temperatures,” says Shane Rehm, vice president of product at Fisher & Paykel and former chief engineer on the Columns project.

With the touch of a button, you can personalize three independent temperature zones. Keep onions, potatoes, coffee, flour, bread and peanut butter—items that don’t necessarily need to be refrigerated—at a constant (and tasteful) 52°F to 56°F; Fridge mode maintains normal refrigeration temperatures of 32°F to 44°F; and Chill mode (29°F to 32°F) is ideal for perishable meats, cheeses and beverages about to be served.

You can customize the temperature on this Fisher & Paykel fridge

Even with various zones, it matters where you put things. Using chef’s professional restaurant kitchens as models, here are a few tips and tricks to expertly organize your refrigerator.

Start by taking everything out, tossing those items past their prime and giving the shelves and drawers a thorough scrub with soap and water.

Put items that don’t need cooking, like leftovers, drinks, yogurt, cheese and deli meats, on the upper shelves, where temperatures are most consistent.

Lower shelves, the coldest spot in the fridge, are reserved for raw ingredients—including eggs—slated for cooking. Organize from the top down, based on food cooking temperatures. Raw fish, with a recommended cooking temperature of 145°F, should be kept above fresh beef or pork (150°F for medium rare), which should be stored above ground meats (160°F). Chicken and other poultry (165°F) should be placed on bottom shelves. To prevent leakage, keep all raw meat in its original packaging, and put it in clear plastic bins.

Don’t store your butter, milk and other dairy in the door. Being the warmest part of the refrigerator, only house your least perishable groceries, like condiments, there.

Put fruits and veggies in separate drawers. Don’t leave your produce in its original packaging. Transfer fruits and vegetables to reusable bags instead.


Where you store certain items in your Fisher & Paykel fridge matters


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