7 Holiday Table Decor Tricks

A designer gives the secrets on how to get that professional decor look on your own holiday table
holiday table

A picture-perfect holiday table place setting. Get yours with these tips from designer Maegan Swabb.

Holiday Table Tips

Here are seven suggestions for setting a gorgeous holiday table:

  1. When the team at M. Swabb Interior Design sets a holiday table, they don’t like to use tablecloths. “We feel they overdress the table,” Maegan says. “We typically hand select the furniture for the homes we work on and want to show the natural beauty of the piece.”
  2. Put mint, lavender, rosemary, sage, dried fruit or cinnamon sticks in glass cups. They look festive on the table and add fragrance to the room.
  3. Shop for vintage candleholders and mix them up when you place them on the table (or on a mantel or shelf). “We love that ‘found’ look and the older the better.”
  4. Layer color, textures and accessories on the table for a lush look that can be switched up to appear modern or traditional, chic or natural. “We love layering and staggering color.”
  5. Add holiday cheer by running strings of beads down the middle of a rectangular table. Hint: Use red to give you the feel of cranberries, silver or gold for glitzy glamour and white for elegance.
  6. Stagger mini pine trees, pine cones and acorns on the table for a natural touch and then add strands of twinkling lights to bring in sparkle.
  7. Include natural items in floral arrangements that dry beautifully. Maegan recommends:

Baby’s Breath
Billy Buttons
(Craspedia globosa)


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