6 Things to Consider for DYF (Done For You) Holiday Decor

If you're thinking about having a professional designer handle your holiday decor, start here.

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DFY (Done For You) Holiday Decor

If you’re thinking about having a professional designer handle your holiday decor like the Sit family we featured, here’s what you need to consider:


Costs vary widely, so know how much you want to spend. This will help you determine how much you can source out.

Because interior designer Maegan Swabb (of M. Swabb Interior Design) works with Michelle and Ryan Sit on a consistent basis, their budget is done on retainer and the couple decides ahead of time what they feel comfortable paying.

You may want to set an hourly budget. Alternately, you can determine your budget room by room.


Find out how much time decorating will take from start to finish. Maegan says that holiday decorating for the Sits takes about one week to prep, one day to install and one day to dismantle.


How do you want your spaces to look and feel? Do you like traditional red and green? Do you want whimsical Santas and elves or more sophisticated decor?

How Many Spaces

Depending on your budget, you may want your entire home decorated, inside and out, or you might just want the living space and a tree decorated. Michelle and Ryan don’t outsource their exterior lighting.

Michelle likes to decorate the kitchen and her children’s rooms herself. One year, the couple had overnight guests, so they also requested that a guest room and powder room be professionally decorated.

Sourcing Items

Do you want to use only what you already have on hand; do you want to purchase new items yourself; or do you want your designer to find items for you? Do you want your designer to mix up the decor with items you have on hand along with new pieces?

Freshen Up—Cleanup

Do you want the designer to stop by to freshen any floral arrangements, and if so, how often? Do you want the designer to dismantle the decorations once the holiday season is over?

“To keep the house feeling fresh, we make visits every couple of weeks, which usually takes a few hours,” Maegan says. 

interior designer holidays

How This Family Keeps Holiday Decorating Calm and Merry

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