10 Things to Do in the Garden in December

Our garden maintenance and planting calendar for the region, plus where to find inspiration

10 Things to Do in the Garden in December

A December garden day in Southern California is quite a perk. Here’s our calendar for what to do in your garden this month, special garden events and where our garden expert is finding inspiration these days.

1. Visit the nursery for bare-root roses. They are well stocked with plants that will deliver a fine spring bloom if planted now.

2. Deadhead, shear and prune to tidy the garden for holiday strolls with visitors and friends.

3. Brighten cool-season veggie gardens with the beauty of chards, kales and beets. Find starts and seeds at area nurseries or order from online retailers.

4. Shop now for camellias while many of these drought-tolerant beauties are in flower at area nurseries.

5. Finish planting any stored bulbs.

6. Add California poppies to your winter landscape by sowing seeds or planting seedlings.

7. Harvest persimmons and pomegranates when they have reached full color. They are beautiful in holiday dishes or filling bowls as tabletop decorations.

8. Keep holiday poinsettias fresh by avoiding temperature extremes.

9. Prune dormant grapevines now. The cuttings can be shaped into rustic wreaths.

10. Plant pansies, Johnny-jump-ups and other violas for long-lasting winter color.

What’s Inspiring Me Right Now

I watched… The Biggest Little Farm, which is beyond inspiring with its fantastic cinematography and heartwarming story. If you need a push to get outside and plant, you should watch this movie too.

I downloaded… PlantSnap. This year I was determined to find out what those mysterious plants and trees on our property were, and if they were safe for kids and animals or if they needed to be removed. I love this app because you simply snap a photo of any plant and it gives you the plant’s information.

I also downloaded… Cropswap. The mission with Cropswap is letting food be the connector for you and your neighbors. It’s a great opportunity to see what those around you are growing in their yards and exchange some of your harvest with others.

I’m following… @citygirlfarming. I love following farms on Instagram. They offer so much insight as to how much work goes into food production and sustainability and this one in Iowa is a great one. Follow Justyna Miranda to get a peek at all things animals and farming.

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