6 Uses for Leftover Buttercream

Here are a few other uses for the leftover buttercream frosting we always seem to create (other than eating it with the spatula)
leftover buttercream frosting icing uses cake

We are here to rescue your leftover buttercream.

If eating leftover buttercream icing straight from the container with a spoon isn’t your style, here are a few other uses for the excess of frosting we always seem to create.

1. Fashion cookie sandwiches. Baked store-bought dough provides a sufficient vehicle for getting the buttercream in your mouth. Spread a generous dollop on one cookie, place another one on top and smoosh them together.

2. Create a glaze. Add more milk to thin it a bit, then drizzle it over cookies, cinnamon rolls, brownies or muffins.

3. Make cake balls. Crumble any cake, add the buttercream, chill for an hour, roll the mixture into balls and eat.

4. Use it as an ice-cream topping. Heat it up slightly and pour it over scoops of your favorite flavor.

5. Spread it. Jackie Bruchez of The Seaside Baker and her kids enjoy it on graham crackers with sprinkles.

6. Mix it with cream cheese. Dip seasonal fruit in it.

leftover buttercream frosting holiday baking cakes

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For more of Jackie’s amazing cake (and frosting!) recipes, read her full feature on holiday baking. Prepare your leftover buttercream by way of a Gingerbread Layer Cake, a Peppermint Bark Layer Cake and/or an Eggnog Cake.

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