Holiday Gift Guide: Plant Picks

Inspired by Maggie Boyd of Landmark Plant Co., get our plant lover gift guide for all the green thumbs and plant parents on your list
plant lover gift guide maggie boyd of landmark plant co

Our plant lover gift guide is inspired by Landmark Plant Co.’s Maggie Boyd and her memories of hunting Christmas trees—and planting seedlings—with her mother.

Plant Lover Gift Guide

maggie boyd landmark plant co plant lover gift guide holidaysMaggie Boyd keeps plenty of plants in her home and is surrounded daily by greenery of all kinds in her North County plant boutique. Along with trendy plants, pots and home decor, Landmark Plant Co. offers landscape design, interior plantscaping and plant maintenance services. (, @landmarkplantco)

“Each year my siblings and I would pile into my mom’s station wagon with Frank Sinatra’s holiday hits blaring for our yearly tradition of finding the perfect “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree. We’d bring it home, trim up its fragile branches and cover it top to bottom with ornaments and ribbon. Eventually, we stopped buying cut trees all together and bought random trees from our local nursery and planted them on New Year’s. My mom still has a star pine, a lemon tree and a palm tree growing from our holiday tradition so many years ago.”


Gardener’s Soap, $10: Lovett Sundries


Philodendron no.1 print, from $25: Sarah Golden


Blue Lines Plant print in Brick Red/Pink Pot, from $25: Sarah Golden


Wildflower signet ring, from $135: Claus


Sophie Conran hand weeder, $29.95: Williams Sonoma


Garden Jar indoor garden kit in Spruce, $15: Modern Sprout


Waxed Planter indoor garden kit in Poinsettia, $13: Modern Sprout

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