Holiday Gift Guide: Beauty Buys

Inspired by Lacey Haegen of Beaute Nouveau, get our beauty gift guide for anyone fancy on your list
beauty gift guide beach blanket babylon

Our beauty gift guide is inspired by Lacey Haegen of Beaute Nouveau and her trip to see the musical Beach Blanket Babylon in San Francisco with her mother.

Beauty Gift Guide

beauty gift guide lacey haegen beaute nouveauAfter years in the cosmetics industry as a makeup artist and skin care specialist, Lacey Haegen of Beaute Nouveau took a hard look at the harmful chemicals in products she had once sworn by and set out to create her own all-natural, chemical-free skin care products. This was the birth of Beaute Nouveau. (, @beautenouveau)

“One holiday season when I was 7 years old, my mom and I got all dressed up and drove into San Francisco to go see the musical Beach Blanket Babylon. I wore an emerald satin dress with a big sash and bow tied in the back, cream-colored stockings and my first pair of black patent-leather flats. My hair was coiffed to the side and pinned with a pearl-covered clip and my mom let me wear a dash of lip gloss and a hint of blush. I had literally never felt so fancy, beautiful or grown up in my life and I was on top of the world!”


Lucuma Bright superfood face mask, $34: Golde


Rose Quartz facial workout set, $49: Skin Gym


Custom hair oil for treatment and styling, $48: Prose


Original Blend turmeric tonic blend, $29: Golde


Lise pearl barrette set, $24: Anthropologie


Aura multistick blendable color for cheeks, lips and lids in Spark, $36: Vapour


Aimi kimono robe in Brittany Blue, $110: KIM + ONO

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