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In the Zone

The work triangle has been the standard for good kitchen design and functionality since the 1940s. Whether you paid attention in geometry class or not, you get the basics—the connection between the range, refrigerator and sink that allows the cook to maneuver from storage and cleaning to cooking with a simple step-and-turn movement. It was built around a single cook in a closed-in space, but now families partake in meal prep and walls are disappearing.

“In an open concept with an L-shaped perimeter and an island, there is more flexibility and more options and places for necessities to go,” says Christina Davis, a kitchen design specialist with Dixieline at their Miramar location. The kitchen triangle has given way to zones, where entire families can participate.


Food prep happens here—from peeling and chopping to washing and rinsing. Nearby, you’ll want the refrigerator, sink (with a sprayer), a garbage disposal and storage for knives, mixing bowls and a chopping board. You’ll need plenty of counterspace here, too.


This zone shouldn’t be far from the work zone. Aside from the cooktop or range, this area includes storage for spices, cooking utensils, pots and pans, oven mitts and trivets—all typically kept to the right or left of the appliance.


Centered around the kitchen’s main sink, this zone houses the dishwasher, a drying rack, a trash pullout cabinet and a place to keep dish soap and scrubbers out of sight


This is a spot for the refrigerator and a minimum 15-inch countertop that serves as a landing space for groceries and for taking things out of the refrigerator.

Baking Zone

If you love to make pies, bread, cookies and more, plan for a dedicated baking station near the oven. Here, you’ll want drawers and cabinets outfitted specifically for baking sheets, mixers, measuring cups, sugar and flour canisters, rollers and mixing bowls. Consider installing a marble countertop—at a level that’s comfortable for your height rather than what’s standard—which is perfect for rolling out dough.

TIP: Double Up. Make your kitchen work for you. Consider two sinks—one for prep and one for cleanup—or the standard refrigerator and a drawer model where you keep herbs and other garnish needs.

TIP: Pet-Friendly Space. In need of a designated eating area for Fido or a spot he can lay that’s not underfoot while you cook? Create a zone that’s just for them.

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