10 Things to Do in the Garden in November

Our planting and maintenance guide for the greater San Diego area in November, plus where to find inspiration

november garden guide san diego garlic bulbs

Here’s our November garden guide for what to plant and maintain in your garden in the San Diego region this month:

1. Add seasonal color with pansies, stock, violas, primroses, poppies and other cool-weather flowers.

november garden guide san diego pansies color

2. Adjust irrigation schedules to water less often and for shorter periods of time. (Exceptions are container plants and new garden additions.)

3. Plant sweet peas  in a sunny spot with well-draining soil. Nick seed casings for best germination.

4. Make sure gutters and drains are clean in advance of winter storms.

5. Sow bare-root strawberries now so the plants get the winter chill they need for fruit production.

6. Plant garlic sets for bulbs next summer.

7. Prune deciduous fruit trees and spray with dormant spray to eliminate over-wintering fungi, insects and insect eggs.

8. Bait for snails and slugs or handpick them to toss in the trash.

9. Set roots for native plants. Now is an ideal time to plant them so they can benefit from the rainy season ahead.

10. Choose your annuals to add to the garden before nurseries switch to holiday merchandise.

november garden guide planting nurseries

What’s Inspiring Me Right Now

I love following families like mine and Michelle @mamaofthewild1s in Wisconsin reminds me of my crazy tribe and me! We both share a love for our kids, gardens, horse and chickens.

One of my favorite places to browse flowers and plants is Proven Winners. I bought my hydrangeas last spring from their site, and I was nervous, but the shrubs bloomed beautifully. I highly recommend!

I’ve been listening toThe Kitchen Garden Magazine podcasts. They are short and sweet but straight to the point (which is critical for me for any podcast). I love throwing these podcasts on during my morning commute or in my headphones while doing chores on the farm.

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