What’s Hot in San Diego Vintage Shops Right Now

Local antique and thrift purveyors dish on the antiques that are hot right now, and how to find them

Photo courtesy of C’est La Vie.

We asked some of our favorite local vintage and resale shop owners and employees to share their favorite items to seek out now:

Tess Loo of My Sister’s Attic: “We get a lot of really amazing lighting, mirrors and wall art in the shop—the kind you could design a whole space around. We also get lots of dining tables and chairs that are perfect if you want to mix and match for a boho look.”

Dawn Salzmann of C’est Si Bon: “I think that it’s always important to have a piece of stone somewhere in your home—incorporating an antique stone garden urn as a table or sink base is always a good grounding option. It gives you that grit and real presence in a modern cookie-cutter environment.”

David Skelley of Boomerang for Modern: “Decorative glass rondelays from Higgins Glass Studio are statement pieces that are beautiful, jewel-toned and work as small accent pieces alone or as a large-scale art piece when displayed as a collection. A sculptural wall clock, like George Nelson’s ball clock, is also perfect—it really embodies the radical, atomic feel of the [midcentury-modern] era in a single, compact piece.”

Sara Wardrip of C’est La Vie: “I like to see a nice, long enfilade (French for buffet) because it’s so versatile—they can be servers in dining rooms or a hall piece paired with a mirror. I also adore a nice, rustic antique [dining] table with contemporary chairs. I have an 18th-century Gustavian table at home that I’ve mixed with modern, Danish rattan chairs that work wonderfully together.”

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