3 Tips for Hiring a Tarot Reader for Your Party

How to set the stage for tarot, palm or energy readings and more at a spooky gathering or tarot party

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This October, we took you to a sophisticated, celestial gathering and dinner party, and helped you set the scene for your own soiree. If you’re interested in hiring a tarot reader, as our hosts, Amanda Shirk and Whitney McDonald of Pretty Little Details Co. did for their event, we’ve pulled together some tips and advice for making it work.

Hiring someone to read tarot cards, palms or energy adds an unconventional element that can be fun and enlightening. Amanda and Whitney teamed up with Melissa LaFara of Energetic Principles to offer guests short readings that added mysticism and ambience to the night’s festivities.

Here are some things to think about before booking Melissa or another medium for your tarot party:

tarot partyIf you’ve never worked with the person before, book a private reading beforehand to ensure you have good rapport and that they’re legit.

Limit the guest list to no more than eight people so that every person gets a good session—roughly 20 minutes or so.

Set up a private area or carve out a nook where guests feel they can really share and indulge in their experience with the medium.

tarot party tarot card deck

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