Natural Food Dyes for Every Color

All-natural shades you can make with items you likely already have in your kitchen (including purple and black)
natural food dye black icing

Approximate the black icing here by using a natural charcoal or squid ink dye in your frosting.

This October, we took you to a sophisticated, celestial gathering and dinner party, and helped you set the scene for your own soiree. Izamar Velazquez of Simply Sweet created a delectable chocolate cake and then frosted it with the most striking purple-colored frosting from a medley of food colorings. Since her recipe is top secret, we looked into what shades you can make naturally with items you likely already have in your kitchen.

Two things to note: Because you’re using food to color the frosting, there will be at least a hint of its flavor. Also, natural dyes will never be as vibrant as the shades you can achieve with commercial food coloring. 

natural food dyes purple frosting icingPINKstrawberries or raspberries


ORANGE carrots, paprika or sweet potato

YELLOWsaffron or turmeric

GREENmatcha or spinach

BLUE  — red cabbage

PURPLEblueberries or purple sweet potato

BROWN coffee, tea or cocoa

BLACK — activated charcoal or squid ink

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