How to Get a Sparkly Cat Eye

Kick the classic cat eye makeup up a notch for a seasonal or spooky event!

sparkly cat eye eyeliner

This October, we took you to a sophisticated, celestial gathering and dinner party, and helped you set the scene for your own soiree. Mary Hernandez, one of Amanda and Whitney’s guests, kicked the classic cat eye up a notch with a hint of glitter. Here’s how to create the look purr-fectly yourself:

glitter cat eye makeup

Roller Liner eyeliner, $22: Benefit

1. Apply an eye primer to the entire lid.

2. Using a felt-tip eyeliner (Benefit’s Roller Liner Eyeliner, pictured at right, is great for beginners), line the upper lash line.

3. Map out where the natural flip up at the end should land. If you imagine your lower lash line extending, that’s a good place to start.

4. Dot the eyeliner in the shape of the flip up until you’re satisfied with the shape. Then connect the dots, fill it in and join it to the line you drew on your upper lashes.

5. Looks a little wonky? Make corrections with a cotton swab and concealer.

6, Choose a glitter liner. (Mary’s wearing Urban Decay’s vegan Heavy Metal Glitter eyeliner in Midnight Cowboy.) Add a thin line either above the cat eye, like Mary did, or along the lower lash line to brighten the eyes.

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