DIY: Celestial Napkin Rings and Crystal Ball Place Cards

A tutorial for the Pretty Little Details Co. celestial place settings and table decor. (Since when is baseball goth?)
DIY place settings moon napkin ring crystal ball name card

DIY place settings for this spooky soiree include a homemade napkin ring and crystal-ball shaped place card.

DIY what you can’t buy: When Whitney and Amanda of Pretty Little Details Co. can’t find exactly what they’ve envisioned for an event, they make it. Here’s two simple tutorials for the custom DIY place settings and tablescapes the pair created for their spooky soiree.

DIY Moon Napkin Rings

DIY moon napkin ring DIY place settings

1. Hunt for simple wooden napkin rings. Whitney and Amanda found theirs at Amvets.

2. Buy wooden or other glue-ready material crescent moon shapes. The pair ordered their crescent moons on Etsy

3. Glue the moons on the wooden napkin rings, and spray-paint them copper (or another coordinating metallic).

DIY Crystal Ball Place Cards

DIY crystal ball place card DIY place settings

1. Play ball: Whitney and Amanda bought black ornaments and baseball holders on Amazon.

TIP: Alternatively, check thrift stores for resale ornaments, or local sporting goods or collectibles stores for baseball holders and display bases.

2. Removing the top piece from the ornament.

3. Spray-paint the baseball holder copper.

4. Glue the items together to make a crystal ball, and write each guest’s name on them using a glass paint marker.

Set the Scene for a Sophisticated Spooky Soiree

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