Taking Chances: October 2019 Note from the Editor

Editor Wendy Manwarren Generes talks #DesignRisks and what she loves about the October 2019 issue of San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles!
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Our October 2019 issue is on newsstands now!

Wendy Manwarren Generes San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles

Photo by Jennie Sullins.

Have you ever regretted a decorating decision? I certainly have. Recently, I decided to hang wallpaper by myself. I’ve hung lots of wallpaper in my time but always with my mom. Aside from not having my partner in crime with me this time, the pattern I chose—an abstract—led to my wallpapering fail. Prior to this, I’ve always chosen bold (read: forgiving) patterns—prints that hide my small mistakes. This watercolor-like pattern shows everything. Every spot where I didn’t expertly skim coat the wall behind it actually highlights the textured wall I was trying to hide.

But thanks to lots of incredible ideas in this issue, I’m not done making bold design choices with unknown outcomes. I’m just going to spend less money when I step out of my comfort zone.

First project on my list? Remove the wallpaper in my master bedroom, invite some creative friends (and my mom) over and let them paint the wall with me. It’s going to be kind of a free for all, but I’m going to share the outcome on www.sandiegohomegarden.com. I found all the tips I need to do it in “Tricks of the Trade.”

To let others unleash with a paintbrush on a wall in my home seems like a gamble, right? But taking design risks is really the underlying theme of this issue. It’s all about doing something different! Not that I don’t love—and save—all the Instagram photos of interiors done in black, white, natural wood and woven textures. Neutral is beautiful. But this issue is my rebellion against what’s hot right now. When we were thinking about and planning this style issue, we looked at all of those pretty images and as a team, said, “Let’s do something totally different! Let’s feature amazing projects, inspirational homes and more that challenge the trending #currentdesignsituation.”

Well, here it is.

Step out of your comfort zone and read “Convention Challenging.” Let writer Peter Jensen take you through the rectangular home of two artists in Encinitas, where nothing is quite as it seems, everything has a sense of humor and there’s creative magic happening all around.

Then read “Pilgrim’s Progress,” written by Mark Hiss. See how a traveler’s journeys manifest themselves into her La Jolla interiors—and exteriors—in the form of architecture, relics, patterns and color.

Come along as fashion designer Zandra Rhodes takes us to her favorite places for art, pancakes and flower spotting in “Around Town.”

Attend the dark, sophisticated soiree the ladies of Pretty Little Details Co. threw together in “The Mood is Right for a Rendezvous in the Night.” From fashion and beauty to clever decor and recipes with a sinisterly delicious twist, we share all the details. So give the traditional Halloween costume bash the boot this year.

Finally, please share! We want to see your #designrisks this month. Share the good, the bad and everything in between. And I promise to do the same.

Wendy Manwarren Generes

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