Spaces We Love: A Backyard Nook

A cozy backyard cubby becomes a happy hangout spot

backyard nook dining table normal heights 1939 bungalow

This fresh and airy backyard nook caught our eye. We love the carefully curated plants and decor and the minimalist table that fits just-so, so we asked homeowner Jasmine Fitzwilliam to tell us about it, and how they live in their outdoor space.

One of our favorite spaces in the freshly revamped exterior of our 1939 home is our back garden. When we first started our landscaping renovation, the only thing we were sure about was that we’d have lots of cactus and succulent loveliness, and we’d locate a dining table in our funny little courtyard nook.

Since our home had this unusual cozy corner created by an addition made long before the days of regulations, it just felt like the perfect space to dine under twinkly market lights. We flanked the door with two large pots of pale-green Euphorbia Ammak and other succulent goodness to add a little impact on the far end.

My husband built the dining table, a project of love (and blood, sweat and tears) to our exact measurements. We can comfortably seat eight so small cookout gatherings on the patio have become a favorite activity with our sweet dog Matilda (pictured) at our feet.

—homeowner Jasmine Fitzwilliam

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