5 Easy-Growing Colorful Flowers

Out favorite simple-care flowers to get you growing

easy color flowers nasturtium

Looking to add color to your garden? Whether you’re redoing a plot in your yard or starting from scratch in a barren landscape, there are a few simple-care flowers to get you growing. Here’s our roundup—and a gallery—of some easy options to add colorful flowers to your garden through as many seasons as possible!


So yellow they named a color after them, marigolds grow quickly from seed, like full sun and bloom in spring, summer and fall.


These bright and round flowers bloom in red, orange, yellow, pink and white shades, attract butterflies and have moderate water requirements.


Get those salad bowls ready: nasturtium produce edible flowers and leaves, grow quickly and colorfully and bloom May through September.


These summery staples come in a few colors, can grow to be 16 feet tall, bloom in the summer, thrive in full sun and are drought and heat tolerant.


Bringing a distinct and delicate splash of color, pansies bloom throughout the winter and into the spring, and attract butterflies.

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