3 Wine Tasting Tips to Try Now

Easy wine tasting tips to try at your next pairing (and look like you know what you're doing)

wine tasting tips

If you’re new to wine tasting and looking to successfully create a happy food-and-drink coupling on your dinner table, Ryan Scott, winemaker for Jack Simon Vineyards in Valley Center, has a few helpful tips to deconstruct wine profiles and make you feel like a pro even if you’re not one.

Wine Tasting Tips

Hit the right note.

Look for either one fruit note or one earth note in each glass. “You might detect plum,” he says. “There’s a win in just positively IDing one note. As you get more experience with this, you might be able to take it one step further and identify the plum skin or an overripe plum, for example.”

Slow your roll.

Don’t aggressively swirl the wine in the glass. Slowly let the liquid circle the glass and put your nose inside while it’s moving.

Go back, way back.

Take a sip, and put the wine at the back of your palate. “Trying to taste with your tongue just gives you sensation flavors,” Ryan explains. To really taste the wine, blow through it at the back of your throat to bring it into your sinuses and get the full sensory experience.

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