5 Reasons to Bring the Outside in Using LaCantina Doors

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This year-round mild weather in the San Diego region means more days to spend outside, and what better way to encourage an indoor-outdoor lifestyle than with the functional and chic doors by powerhouse LaCantina? Here’s five reasons why this type of full-wall design makes it easy to embrace the outdoors, brighten up your interior and change the way we live in our homes:

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Visually Appealing Designs

LaCantina Doors feature a clean, contemporary design and aesthetic, with narrow stiles and low-profile rails. This style creates balance and symmetry, and because there’s more glass, there’s also more natural light.

Performance and Innovation

With door-plus-window combinations, zero-post corners, pass-through windows and integrated screening, LaCantina systems are innovative in style. The “open space” model is a natural extension and elevation of modern open floor plans. And optimal thermal performance, structural integrity and strength are part of the design.

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Range of Materials and Style

From contemporary to traditional, urban to rural and the coastline to the mountains, there’s an “open space” complement for any architectural style in any environment. LaCantina’s selection of material options and performance levels means that an indoor-outdoor flow can work with any style home.

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Perfect-Match Door Package

By utilizing the same signature door panels across their folding, sliding and swing systems, LaCantina provides consistent sightlines, daylight openings and styling so your entire project can match.

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Natural Light and Open Air

Who doesn’t want a healthier environment? Natural light and air flow can transform a space from the inside out (or outside in!)—not just the way it looks, but the way it is used. Open up a living room, kitchen, bedroom or any space to connect to the outdoors and change the way you entertain, relax, find solace or have a family night in.

In San Diego, Priority Door and Window has an extensive line of La Cantina windows and doors, and is one of the nation’s largest and top performing La Cantina dealers. Bi-folds, multi-slides, servery windows, pocket, and swing doors are all available with a multitude of custom options. Plus, the showroom has five full-size La Cantina working displays so you can try them out yourself, ask any questions and pick the best options for you.

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