4 Ways to Use the Spectrum of Color in a Room

Boost creativity—and productivity!—by decorating with the rainbow

Jenna Pilant of Room Bloom prefers bright colors—which have been linked to boosting productivity, creativity and positivity—over the black, gray and white neutrals that are all the rage right now.

Decorating each room with the rainbow gives a cheerful invitation into the space. But where should you start? Here are some tips, inspired by Jenna, about how to use the rainbow in a grown-up way.

Lay a foundation.

Start with a floor covering to inspire the collection of bright hues. After ordering her orange sofa, Jenna purchased multihued carpet tiles to create a customizable area rug. She then used those carpet squares to dictate the colors she pulled into the rest of the room. There’s the orange sofa, the blue shelving and a green she used for trim.

jenna pilant color

Opt for the same but different.

Jenna selected 10 different colors to create the custom head-and footboard for the master bed, but she did two things to add a touch of sophistication: First, she chose luxe velvets in each color. Second, she varied the tones so there’s a mix of bright and subtle. For instance, in with royal blue, fuchsia and citron, she injected navy and burgundy, which is key. Not every shade should be equally as bright when you’re using all of them. Let some shine; tone others down.

Add colorful artwork.

Much like you can use a rug to inspire the colors in a room, you can also use a piece (or more) of art that incorporates all the colors. Pepper bright works around a room and find the same shades to use in different ways. In the family room, Jenna displayed her collection of balloon-dog sculptures—some of which she spray-painted—with a colorful Gray Malin photo and a fiber-art wall hanging from Nova Mercury Design.

Embrace white space.

Include lots of white and invite in some natural wood or earthy elements. All walls wear white in Jenna’s home—or will when she’s finished. And in the master bedroom, Jenna found a midcentury-modern dresser (that will remain untouched by color) to coordinate with the wood nightstands she and Darrell already owned.

Jenna Pilant is Living in Color

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