10 Things to Do in the Garden in July

Our July garden planning and maintenance calendar for the region, plus inspiration, book recommendations and garden events in San Diego

10 Things to Do in the Garden in July

1. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage another bloom.

2. Start harvesting ripe fruits.

3. Inspect new leaves for yellowing between the veins, a sign of zinc and iron deficiency in the plant. Apply a micronutrient spray if needed.

4. Feed fast-growing veggies nitrogen to help them thrive.

5. Spray plants daily and early with a jet of water to reduce the chance of mildew as conditions for this problem are prime in July.

6. Grow water-wise edibles like Chinese date, mulberry, artichoke and pomegranate.

7. Plant pretty, edible flowers such as chamomile, nasturtium and squash blossoms.

8. Put tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, corn, beans and summer squash in the ground now for a fall harvest.

9. Add fresh mulch to your growing grounds.

10. Don’t transplant natives now. Wait until fall when you’ll likely have more success.

What’s Inspiring Me Right Now

I’m watching…German YouTuber so0onita, where I get myself lost down the fairy-garden rabbit hole. Subscribe to get all her mini-garden and crafting goodness; it’s fascinating!

I’m following…the Miniature Fairy Gardening boards on Pinterest for great tips and creative ideas for all things “mini.”

I’m following…@dreamingoffaerie’s beautiful Instagram feed (and Etsy shop), where I discover unique mini-garden finds for sale. I love her seasonal items and fun ideas.

I’m joining…the Fairy Garden Swap, Buy and Sell Shop group on Facebook, which offers a fun way to shop and get tips on mini fairy gardens. Some people sell custom pieces; others sell whole lots of specialty items. Take a peek!

Where you may find me this month

I’ll be exploring the Japanese Friendship Garden on an hourlong docent-led tour on Wednesday, July 17 at 11 a.m. Tours are offered Monday through Friday and take you through the winding paths. Then I plan to check out the garden’s “First Sight Kyoto, Ichigo Ichie” art exhibit (it ends July 21). Visit niwa.org for more information.

Find me and my kids at San Diego Botanic Garden’s Insect Festival on Saturday, July 20, to see thousands of creepy-crawlies, including live insects, lizards, snakes, ladybugs and hissing cockroaches. Kiddos can practice bug collecting, do arts and crafts, and even taste cooked mealworm—yuck! Find out all about the buggy fun at sdbgarden.org.

There is a holiday for everything. So to celebrate National Carousel Day, I’m taking the girls to Balboa Park’s historic whirling menagerie, which has been in operation since 1922. Commemorate this milestone with us on Thursday, July 25, at 11 a.m., at this event that includes rides, music, food and more activities. Get all the details at friendsofbalboapark.org.

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