Better by Design: Dine in Delight

Intimacy and elegance cozy up in a fresh space for sharing meals
silver leaf wall art in a gray wall dining room with white trim designed by Nikki Klugh

Silver-leafed wall art adds drama in a room designed by Nikki Klugh. Chic gray wall paint contrasts with the room’s natural brightness, soft accents and rich decor.

When the initial goal of a dining room’s redesign is to brighten the space, it seems counter intuitive to then paint the walls a dark gray. Luckily, Nikki Klugh’s clients went along with her suggestion—the arresting contrast of the charcoal gray against snow-white cabinetry became one of the homeowners’ favorite things about the room.


They also prize the room’s elegance, brought in with gold and silver accents and detailed crown molding.

“To seamlessly marry the old and new elements of the home, I used a soft-butter hue on the ceiling, because it echoes the Sahara Gold marble tile located in the adjacent entrance,” Nikki says.

The ceiling hue reflects the hallway, but the main color palette is the exact opposite of the living room’s color scheme. “Due to the enormous scale of the living room, a very light color there is important,” Nikki says. “In contrast, the dark tones of the dining space set the mood for intimacy and provide perfect balance to the living room, which is within sight of the dining area. That balance unifies the spaces.

“My clients trusted my vision,” Nikki continues, “and we were able to create a dramatic room suited for intimate conversations over a fine meal.” 


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