April 2019 Note from the Editor

Our editor introduces the up-and-coming designers we feature this month, plus what she loves about April's magazine!
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Wendy Manwarren Generes, Photo by Jennie Sullins

It was in December 2017 that I first met Jaki Yermian at an industry event. The recent design school graduate was telling me how she was just beginning her career, and I was totally drawn to her energy and asked if she had any projects she might be able to share. She didn’t, so I told her to keep in touch and let me know when she completed a space or home we might be able to feature.

Almost exactly a year later, Jaki reached out with a kitchen-dining-room-master-suite project she had just finished in San Marcos. I took a look at the photos and shared them with the team here, and we decided to dedicate a section of this design issue to “Ones to Watch.”

Besides Jaki, whose story you can read on page 40, you’ll find the first residential space a seasoned commercial designer did. Read all about the home she designed for a friend and his dog in “The Family You Choose.”

Then read “Getaway Home.” Browse the images of the incredible home of Melissa Young, a well-established restaurant designer who has started branching into the travel market with hotel design.

Besides these three up-and-comers, we’re exploring design in a few different ways this issue.

Have some fun and figure out what your astrological sign says about your decorating style, including the hues, finishes and furnishings you should consider for your next redo in “Design by Sign.”

Or redecorate your home without spending a thing. Local designer Abbie Naber shows you how to refresh your home by inventively using what you already own in “Shop Your Home for a New Look.”

Outdoors, a couple transforms barren land into a water-wise oasis with influences from around the globe.

Plus, the folks from Royale! Cocktails and Hamburgers host a family barbecue that takes grilling fare and sides to a whole new sophisticated level that’s still super kid-friendly in “Farm-to-Family-Table Dining.” (My 2-year-old, Graydon, sampled the food and drink, checked out the surroundings and gave his enthusiastic approval to this shindig!)

And last but certainly not least: We add a new contributor to the team this month. Meet and follow Kevin Espiritu (@epicgardening). We tapped him to start writing our monthly Garden Guide after we read that millennial men are the fastest growing population in the gardening community. Who better to walk us through gardening how-to stories than a 31-year-old man literally getting his hands dirty in his own green space? Read his first column, “Super Seed” about growing microgreens.

Wendy Manwarren Generes
April 2019

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