Top 5 Reasons to Use Modular Modern Windows

Partner Content: We asked the pros at Priority Door & Window Products about the new Marvin Modern modular windows

If sightlines, climate control and modern styling are on your list of things you want in new windows, the latest innovations in modular window design might be your cup of (well-lit) tea. We asked the experts at Priority Door & Window Products in San Diego for some insight into a new type of window system the industry has been abuzz about since before it recently launched: Marvin Modern.

Marvin Modern modular Priority doors and windows San Diego

Specifically for modern-style architecture and the unique building and insulation challenges required of large expanses of glass functioning as walls, Marvin’s new Marvin Modern line makes things easy. In developing the new line, the company turned to the community—builders, homeowners, architects and experts—to figure out exactly what people really need in their modern homes.

According to the pros, here are the top five reasons to look into Marvin Modern for your home:

  1. Aesthetics. With a unified collection of sleek frame colors and finishes, such as ebony, bronze, silver, gunmetal and stone white, plus the low-gloss aluminum and understated sealants and spacers, the collection is ideal for modern decor. Let the landscapes, views, natural light and interior design shine with windows that have sparse, clean lines.
  2. Performance. Marvin Modern is well above industry standards for performance, accuracy, fit and finish.
  3. Glass functioning as walls. Large-scale mulls—the connectors between multiple panes—make for striking walls of glass with clean and modern seams. These large mulls can get high performance ratings. “This differentiates them from other brands,” says Mike Schott, president of Priority Door & Window in San Diego
  4. Modular. Marvin Modern can be paired with the full Marvin clad line to give homeowners various options they wouldn’t normally have with a fully aluminum package.
  5. High-performing insulation. “Fiberglass is a natural insulator, and the exterior is made of high-density fiberglass, so you have great energy values,” Schott says. “There is no need for a vinyl or rubber thermal break, which results in really clean lines.”

Marvin Modern modular Priority doors and windows San Diego

Priority Door & Window Products is San Diego’s only source for Marvin Modern products. For more information or to schedule a consultation, get in touch here.

More About Marvin Modern

The Marvin Modern frame is strong and sleek, ideal for large-scale glass walls or a design that needs a clean-lined window look. The high-density fiberglass means exceptional performance, insulation and durability.

The system allows for high thermal performance and beautiful, clean sightlines in your home.

Illustrated at left: 

A. The Marvin Modern proprietary frame is designed to regulate interior climate.

B. Mull channels are integrated for durability and clean sightlines.

C. Designed with wall integration in mind, this drywall return takes the complexity out of compatibility and installation.

Images courtesy of Marvin Windows and Doors.

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