Hibiscus Rose Vodka Sweet Tea Recipe

This Grant Grill-inspired cocktail recipe is perfect for sweethearts

We gathered the best Valentine’s Day beverages to make this week, and this hibiscus rose vodka cocktail is a romantic twist on sweet tea from San Diego’s Grant Grill restaurant. We love the vivid red hues from the house-made grenadine syrup (or to make things snappy, buy your own pre-made syrup!). Skip the vodka for a refreshing and just-as-good alcohol-free version. Perfect for cocktail hour or a romantic brunch.

hibiscus rose vodka and sweet tea cocktail valentine's day grant grill

Photo courtesy of Grant Grill.

Hibiscus and Rose Sweet Tea Vodka


Notes of hibiscus, rose, vodka and sweet tea make this cocktail from San Diego’s Grant Grill the perfect romantic cocktail for Valentine’s Day.

Makes one cocktail

2 ounces Tanqueray Sterling vodka
2 ounces cold-brewed hibiscus-flower tea
5 ounces rose water
1/2 ounce lime, fresh pressed
1 ounce house-made grenadine (recipe follows)

1. Shake and strain all ingredients, except grenadine, over rocks.

2. Garnish with grenadine.

House-made grenadine

Mix 1/3 ounce each pomegranate juice, orange-flower water and pomegranate molasses with about 100 grams (7/8 cup) of sugar.