Santa Paws: Gift Guide for Pets and Pet Owners

We found the best gift ideas for the pets and pet lovers in your life

The holiday spirit is in the air—along with the aroma of gingerbread and cinnamon cookies to delight our senses as well as those of our four-legged family members, and what better way to celebrate all of it than our pet gift guide! Charlie, our Labrador retriever, wags his tail because he’s happy to be  included in the festivities. He remembers from last year that there will be something very special under the tree for him (although his dream of landing a membership in the steak-of-the-month club may end up being just that—a dream). Missy, our Siamese kitten, senses the catnip through its silver-foil wrapping. She’s already rolling around, meowing and purring in blissful anticipation.

Although our furry friends love their catnip (check out Soft Paws’ Yeowww! Holiday Bundle and Kris Krinkle Tree Toy) and bow-tied bones (take a look at those offered at, there are many other pet-pampering presents that can delight them—and their owners—at this time of year. 

pet gift guide

Here are some of them:

Pet Gift Guide

HurryK9 Fetch Toy

from $44, at

pets gift guide holiday hurriK9

Are your canines bored with fetching soggy tennis balls? Are your tiny dogs just too little for the Frisbee? Well, here’s the answer: a spinning Styrofoam hoop that flies up to 100 feet and is small and light enough for dogs of every size—and for you. When you pull back on the launcher and twist, you won’t hurt your shoulder or arm, even when your dog begs you to play over and over. This toy is an easy, fun way for your pup to get exercise outdoors or in the house .


$79.99, at

Dogs dig this first-ever interactive digging toy by iFetch—and so did the peeps at SuperZoo who awarded it a first-place ribbon as the Best Dog Toy at its 2018 New Product Showcase. Hide your pet’s favorite toys or treats under the flaps of iDig and she’ll be kept busy searching for the treasure. A variety of flap designs provide different sets of challenges. Give your pet physical and mental stimulation at home or on the road. The hard-shell version is compact enough to take with you and the flexible version
easily folds.

pets gift guide pet cat toys kitty twisterKitty Twister



Twist Walking Palm’s versatile activity mat into a figure 8, turn it into a tunnel, form it into a cave or lay it flat for lounging. No matter how you twist this flexible strip of 100-percent New Zealand wool, your kitty will love it. And you’ll love that you’re supporting the company’s extended family in Kathmandu, Nepal, who handcraft the twister and are paid 200 percent of the average wage.

Pet Furniture

Prices vary,

Tired of your German shepherd leaving his hair all over your couch or your Persian cat using your dining room table legs as claw sharpeners or your drapes as a climbing gym? Provide them with their own beds for lounging and their own posts for scratching and climbing and make everyone happy. PetFusion’s Ultimate pet bed in solid memory foam ($89.95) reduces joint pain, and its smart design makes it easy for your pet to get in and out of—as well as easy for you to clean. The company’s cat scratchers are a cat’s designer dream with their midcentury-modern look, and the Ultimate Cat Climber (from $109.95) offers your kitty a place to climb, perch and scratch.

pet gift guide pet fusion dog bed cat scratchers furniture

pets gift guide pet pail dog feeder travel12-Piece Dog Feeder

$89.99, at

When your dog is your hiking buddy, it’s important to carry the snacks and water that he will need as he tags along with you. But since he doesn’t have pockets to tote them in, why not get him his own designer lunch bucket? My Pet Pail carries two built-in bowls and two removable bowls that are spill proof and sealable, two 20-ounce removable bottles, ice-pack storage to keep food cold, extra storage for toys and treats, an extra collar and leash, and waste bags. OK, so your pet pal won’t be carting his pet pail. You will. But handles and carrying straps make that a breeze. What else could this lunch box possibly do? It converts to a home feeder.


pets gift guide pet leash belt runners dogs dog walkingBelts

from $17.99, at

If you’re more of a runner than a walker, you’ll want to keep your hands free when out jogging with your furry buddy. Dog Owners Outdoor Gear (DOOG) designs a mini running belt that holds 20 DOOG pick-up bags, an iPhone, a key and some cash. And if you’re a walker but you don’t expect to be out long enough that you’ll need a good supply of dog food and water, the company also sells a Walkie Belt that carries larger-sized phones, keys and dog treats



Pet Canopies

$90.99, at

If we get hot when we’re standing around or relaxing in the sun, just imagine how much worse our dogs feel with their year-round fur coats. Take the ShadyPaws’ lightweight, portable pet canopy with you when you bring your dog to a patio restaurant, the beach, the park or a backyard barbecue and your pup will be one cool cat—I mean, dog. Flat-folding, this “sunbrella” will help you keep your pooch from being a miserable…hot dog. An added plus? It qualifies as a carry-on when you’re traveling by plane.

pets gift guide pet interactive cat feederInteractive Cat Feeder

$19.99, at

This indoor hunting system cat-food bowl’s design is based on the science of feline behavior and was developed by a pet behaviorist. The Thin Kat Interactive Feeder not only adds food fun for your cat, it’s good for him too as it will keep him from chowing down too fast.



pet gift guide pets dog cat strollerStrollers

from $49.98, at

Your pets may not have the stamina to keep up with you—or keep going with you. When your dog lags behind or seems too tired to go one more step (or refuses to go one more step), you won’t need to carry him along. Instead, Pet Gear’s Travel Lite or No-Zip pet strollers will carry him for you. Get one with Air Ride tires for long trips or rough terrains. In fact, each stroller has its own features. Check out the company’s website to find the one that will work best for you and your pet.


Coop Scoop

from $229.99, at

The urban homesteading movement is on the rise, as is the number of San Diegans who keep chickens in their backyards. Trouble is, wild coyote sightings are on the rise too. You can protect your flock with the ChickenGuard automatic chicken coop door. No more worrying about being home at dusk to lock the girls in and no more dragging yourself out of bed at daylight to let them out for a day of scratching and clucking.

pets gift guide chicken coop guardian

pets gift guide stuffed animal pet lookalikes cuddle clones cuddleclonesPlush Lookalikes

from $129, at

For some, the thought of cloning your beloved rabbit, dog, cat, horse or other pet may not seem that far-fetched. For the rest of us, there’s Plush Cuddle Clones, one-of-a-kind, handmade stuffed animals, figurines, slippers and more constructed to look just like your pet. Send pictures and descriptions, and let the artists capture the physical characteristics and personality in wood, granite or faux fur.


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