Late Fall and Early Winter Harvest Guide

What produce grows well in San Diego this season?

San Diego’s long growing season means fresh produce is bountiful year-round. The San Diego County Farm Bureau keeps track of what grows well here month-by-month. We compiled a late fall and early winter harvest guide to show you what’s in season here in November and December:

late fall and early winter harvest guide


apples cherimoyas oranges
Asian pears cucumbers peppers
avocados grapes persimmons
basil guavas pumpkins
green beans herbs radishes
beets kiwi spinach
broccoli lemons summer squash
cabbage limes winter squash
carrots lettuce sweet potatoes
cauliflower macadamia nuts tangelos
celery melons tangerines
chard navel oranges tomatoes



apples cherimoyas peppers
basil guavas persimmons
beets herbs potatoes
broccoli kiwi radishes
cabbage lemons spinach
carrots limes winter squash
cauliflower lettuce tangelos
celery macadamia nuts tangerines
chard navel oranges tomatoes


early winter harvest guide


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