Designing the Bathroom of Your Dreams

PARTNER CONTENT: We collaborated with the pros at Porcelanosa

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a weekend DIY-er looking to spruce up your home, a bathroom remodel is an excellent opportunity to raise your property value and your spirits. Big or small, a bathroom can act as a haven for any home, and it’s vital when creating your new space that you have a solid plan of progression from the beginning.

We partnered with Porcelanosa to help outline the best way to tackle the project to achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

Budget / Timeline

A half-completed remodel is no fun, so don’t get sucked into the trap of spending beyond your budget. Sit down and be realistic as to what you can afford and then subtract 10 percent for incidentals. Something always comes up, and by giving yourself a 10-percent cushion, you have a realistic total budget.

After the budget, but before you start visiting tile shops, you need a timeline. A completion date helps you and the contractors stay on schedule. Outline specific goals and match them to dates to ensure your project progresses well.


Some say this is the fun part, others find it stressful, but at the beginning of the design process write down your dream bathroom “must haves” for the new space. Porcelanosa pros suggest aiming to create a tranquil oasis far removed from a busy, sometimes hectic life. Achieving a feeling of calm and quiet is an excellent goal for any future design.

Think function first. What needs do you and your family have? Do you need an area to get ready for your work day? A bath for your kids? A large tub to unwind with a good book? Whatever the primary use of the space, make sure it’s in the forefront of your mind during the design phase, especially when choosing the sink, tub, shower, toilet and other pieces.

Choose a design aesthetic that suits your home and your personality. Many people choose neutral or minimalist colors such as white, gray, beige, cream and black. Light hues can make smaller spaces feel larger and make a room feel clean, tidy and organized. to bring to mind cleanliness, tidiness, and organization. Whatever palette you choose, make sure it allows you to play with textures and architectural elements to create a room with lots of visual interest.

Simple doesn’t have to mean bland. Dive into artistic shapes or statement pieces like free-standing bathtubs and sinks to further customize your design. And don’t neglect personal touches. Once you have a layout and design established, don’t be afraid to add more personality to your accessories and fixtures. Less permanent pieces allow you to experiment with bold or stylish elements. Porcelanosa designers recommend adding elegant storage, unique shelving, statement mirrors and chic light fixtures.

Choosing Your Pro

Do your due diligence and check reviews, and also be transparent about your budget and expectations of a timeline. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and share visuals of what you’d like your space to emulate.

Porcelanosa offers complimentary design services. Visit for ideas and products to complete the perfect bathroom remodel.

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