Happy Habitat

A backyard design hooks up with the natural world
Happy Habitat

This eco-friendly backyard habitat includes a pollinator garden, compost pile, rain barrels and solar-powered lights. Found, repurposed and refurbished materials were used throughout the yard and to create the studio workspace.

My personal mission in life is to connect everyone with nature—to remind us all that we are part of something much bigger and greater than ourselves. For our yard, creating natural connections influenced all our design decisions. I wanted to provide spaces the whole family could appreciate and enjoy—inspiring areas to work, play, relax, eat, cook, garden, harvest, explore, wonder, meditate and just be!

I designed and built my studio with my dear friend Ramon from Vintage Reflexions in Escondido. He helped with the rest of the yard too. We interspersed edibles with hardy and drought-tolerant plants. Curvy lines throughout pathways and hardscapes soften the yard’s box shape. Now it more closely resembles nature’s forms.

– Rachael Cohen, Infinite Succulent


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