Rental Home Hacks

Brittany shares fun, cost-effective and easily reversible ways to makeover your spaces with speed and style. 

rental redo

The once bland fireplace underwent a speedy two-step transformation via a false mantel with wood veneer and the same tile decals she employed in the kitchen.

Rugs Can’t tear up unfortunate carpeting? Invest in large floor rugs to cover the area and draw the eye. Try a single rug or a layered look.

Wallpaper Hang removable wallpaper to add visual interest to any surface—from walls to closet doors. For her family’s rental in Scripps Ranch, Brittany used Target’s inexpensive Opalhouse line—just peel and stick!

Lighting Wiring limiting your lighting options? Run out and get a $15 conversion kit from the hardware store to make a recessed light into the perfect spot for a pendant lamp. Or skip hardwiring and create faux-chandeliers and sconces with mounted and strung-up plug-in lights.

Decals Add a unique or whimsical touch to your fireplace, bathroom or whatever tiled surface strikes your fancy with waterproof tile decals that are easy to apply and remove without leaving residue. SnazzyDecal on Etsy has a wide selection.

rental redo

Brittany covered the section of weathered fence visible through the living area doors with inexpensive white lattice, giving it a clean look. To complete the space, she added planters of various heights and makes—plus, a mini flamingo to tie into the pink color palette in the adjacent seating area.

Art Get your favorite images printed as engineering prints—when photos are printed on paper that is typically used for architectural plans. It is inexpensive and you end up with giant, extra-light prints that are super easy to hang and make a bold statement.

Outdoors Mask an aging fence with white lattice. Hang outdoor-friendly wall decor on the lattice and place a tiered garden cart or planters of various heights in front of it to complete the look. Brittany created a $100 DIY bench with a cinderblock base, wooden plank top and cushions for seating and style.

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