August Garden Planner

10 Things To Do In The Garden This Month

Ants1. Get rid of the ants. In hot weather, those pesky pests seek food and water, so they head straight for the potted plants, pet food and kitchen in my house. Plug tiny entry points or use a natural solution to keep them out. I’ve read—but have not yet tried—that cinnamon powder, vinegar and water, borax and sugar, food-grade diatomaceous earth, cornmeal, and cayenne pepper work.

2. Deadhead flowers. In our mild climate, I can coax lots of annuals and perennials to bloom again.

3. Harvest ripened fruit.

4. Starting mid-month, I plan to check out area nurseries for bearded iris stems. They’re drought-tolerant and gorgeous come spring.

5. Rosarians recommend cutting roses back by one-third at the end of the month to encourage a fall bloom. Renew mulch and deep water weekly. (We don’t have roses, but I know lots of San Diegans do.)

6. Put dahlia seeds down. I’m thinking about a container garden of dahlias, but I have no idea which of the 50,000 varieties to choose, so you’ll find me at the San Diego County Dahlia Society’s annual flower show the first full weekend in August ( for more info) to seek expert advice.

7. Water succulents weekly (more for the ones in my containers) in the cool morning hours and move the containers where they’ll get some midday and afternoon shade.

8. Adjust irrigation times depending on weather and daylight hours.

corn9. Start a Pinterest board for recipes that incorporate some of the new garden’s vegetables.

8. Plant corn for warm Southern California August and September weather.

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