9 Things to Do in the Garden in July

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This month don’t forget to:

Give camellias their final feeding of the year. Use a commercial camellia/azalea mix or combine one part blood meal to four parts cottonseed meal.

Feed citrus and avocadoes with organic fertilizer following package instructions. Bananas and other tropical fruits benefit from fertilizer now too.

Water newly planted shrubs and trees deeply throughout the summer to help them become established.

Prepare for elevated fire danger from lingering drought by cutting dried brush and grasses to the ground, creating defensible space around your home.

Take the family to San Diego Botanic Garden’s annual Insect and Ladybug Festival on July 21-22 where “creepy crawlies” rule. Details at sdbgarden.org.

Reduce runoff on slopes by watering 10-15 minutes, pausing and then watering again for 20-30 minutes.

Discourage foraging wildlife by picking up fallen fruits and vegetables.

Plant butterfly weed (Asclepias curassavica), the host plant of monarch butterflies, to nurture these winged garden visitors.

Monitor container plantings for ant infestations. If found, soak the
containers in water to drive ants out. Then bait to keep them away.


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