5 Tricks for Hosting a Last-Minute Party with Zero Stress

After Reading This, You Will Say, “No Problem”

Here’s the scenario: You just got off work and friends have asked if they can stop by your place to see you. Since you’ve got all the goods for hosting a throw-together-last-minute shindig (after reading this article, you will!), you say, “No problem.”

Here, chef Julie Simpson with Middleby Products offers a few at-the-ready staples and great ideas for what to do with them.

hosing party with no stress

1.  Keep one or two types of cheese on hand to make a quick cheese plate. Pair them with bread or crackers. If your friends stay past the appetizers, you can use that same cheese to whip up a tasty pasta dish and a salad.

2.  Berries, grapes and a variety of nuts should always be in your house. They instantly elevate that basic cheese plate and add color and texture to simple salads.

hosting a party with no stress3.  Frozen fresh chicken strips are a great short cut that can be thawed quickly and placed on the griddle. You can add Panko or breadcrumbs to serve on a salad, in a tortilla or over rice.

4.  Fresh or frozen spinach easily can be turned into a dip. It also makes a great addition to omelets and pasta dishes, as do other fresh green vegetables such as asparagus or broccoli.

5.  Next time you bake cookies, make an extra batch of the dough to freeze. It can be thawed and popped in the oven so you can serve fresh cookies for dessert. If you are not the home baker, pick up some frozen dough and fake it. When the company is an unexpected treat, it’s quick and easy to have something tasty—that also smells delicious—for them to enjoy.


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