From Paints to Pillows, Do it Right

Looking through home décor magazines and websites, you’ll see many beautiful rooms in which all the elements come together to create a well-designed space. Here are guidelines to help you achieve similarly successful results in your own home.

Colors on paint “chips” look different at home from the way they look in the store. Bring home a sample and paint it onto a board the same color as your wall.

Be sure your lighting is the best it can be for task and ambiance. Swap out dated incandescent bulbs for brighter, longer-lasting LEDs. Put everything on dimmers for optimal control, which not only lets you create the best lighting scenes and moods, but also saves money.

Don’t cluster too many similar accessories together. Your space will end up looking crowded. Mix shapes and sizes to give a balanced and uncluttered appearance.

Try not to line your furniture against the walls. There are many ways to make a room more interesting by angling furniture and pulling it into the center of the room. 

Be sure your space is in proportion to pieces in it. Don’t place a giant table next to a small chair or a tiny table with a large sofa.

Don’t rely on only one light source. Mix accent, ambient and task lighting.

Make a plan before you buy furniture. Know your dimensions and your colors. Take your time. It’s better to wait and get the right piece than to fill a space with something that won’t work long-term.

The “karate chop” pillow is an ’80s trend. Pillows should look full and straight.



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