Add Color Without Painting

If you’re not up to moving furniture, priming walls and painting, you can change the look and feel of a room without repainting. Here are some alternative methods to add color.

1. If you have a relatively dark room that you want to brighten, accent furniture with a few cheerfully colored pillows.

2. Update your window treatments with a colorful piece of fabric on a decorative curtain rod.

3. Fill a bowl or vase with your favorite flowers or place individual flowers around the room, using budding vases and single stems.

4. Display a collage of kids’ drawings or purchase professional artwork. Pick pieces that showcase colors capable of contrasting with the rest of the room for optimal results, but be sure they reflect your personal style.

5. Use a bookshelf to display glassware, pottery and prized possessions. Rearranging the contents of a bookcase and adding new pieces that bring a pop of color help bring a new dimension to a room.

6. Rugs offer an excellent way to change the overall ambiance of a room. Look for a color and style that fit well with the overall color combination and shapes around it.

7. Changing out slipcovers creates a new look. Add seasonal mood to your room with light colors for spring and summer months and deeper colors for fall and winter.



Heather Roberts



Categories: Home Design