Repurposed Cabinets

Homeowners are taking cabinetry beyond traditional uses and giving them a custom look without the cost. Here’s how Jen of iHeartOrganizing repurposes used cabinet doors by turning them into display and décor boards.

As a chalkboard for memos, menus or keeping track of weekly schedules:

• Paint the interior panel of a cabinet door with Rustoleum chalkboard paint.
• Use a tester size of your favorite paint color for the outer edge of the cabinet door.
• Screw picture-hanging hooks into the back of the cabinet door.
• On the front, install a drawer pull upside down at the bottom of the cabinet to act as a cup holder for chalk.

As a display board for children’s artwork:

• Use a foam roller and playroom-friendly paint to cover the front side of a cabinet door.
• Attach a standard office clip to the top of the door.
• On the bottom of the door, attach a label holder for your child’s name and age or date.
• Install a picture-hanging hook to the back of the door.



Miss Jen



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