Personal Interiors

Strive for a room with character — especially a room with décor that reflects your personality. Here are ideas to help you accomplish that.

Make it meaningful. Use items that are important to you as a focal point, such as one-of-a-kind souvenirs from your last vacation; original artwork that portrays something dear to you; or a family hand-me-down that evokes pleasant memories. These elements not only provide hints to who you are, but also make interesting conversation pieces.

Generate color. Are you timid and quiet or outgoing and gregarious?  Your personality can be reflected in the colors you choose. Keep your surroundings soft with neutral and pastel hues, or inject living spaces with bold colors.

Mix and match. Meld hard and rough textures with soft and smooth ones. Think of it as your tough façade versus your gentle persona.

Add style. Just because you’re wild for contemporary interiors doesn’t mean you can’t add intrigue to your predominantly modern living space by including an antique picture frame. A room that reflects only one style tends to bore. Avoid the humdrum and throw in something that contrasts.

Bring in nature. Choose a natural element that resonates with your personal style. Go beyond everyday botanicals and florals and display a graceful branch instead. Wood or stone can add earthy essence to a room. Find ways to fill your rooms with natural sunlight, and don’t forget that the sound of water can add a soothing touch.

Keep it cohesive. Tie your home together aesthetically through the repetition of color, materials, patterns and shapes.


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