Black is the New Black

From striking black acrylic cabinets to deep, dramatic light fixtures, consumers are embracing black. Trend experts like Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams, share tips on how to use the hue to make a strong design statement throughout the home. 

“The trick with black is selecting the right shade for the space and mood you want to create. Black Fox is an off-black with luscious chocolate undertones that give a nice warmth. Caviar is a black that is sophisticated and classic with subtle softness. Tricorn Black is the truest of true blacks.” — Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing, Sherwin-Williams,

“When it comes to cabinetry, the current trend is black finishes that have depth of color. This means the texture of the finish allows for variety in light reflectivity, or the translucency of the finish has color variation in the grain from deep black to dark charcoal. When using black or any other dark colors in the kitchen or bath space, homeowners should make sure that there is plenty of light. The use of black on either cabinetry or walls is sure to emphasize contrast and evoke a dramatic mood. When done right, it also can convey a classy and sophisticated elegance that you just don’t get with color.” — Stephanie Pierce, senior design studio manager, MasterBrand Cabinets,

“Our most popular fireplace fronts are black, as they perfectly frame the robust flames, drawing the eye inward to experience the full sensory experience. With its versatility, the color can be used to add a striking look or sparingly to create a clean feel. In older, classic homes, adding black accents to a fireplace is a great way to modernize the living room.” — Tim Johnson, industrial designer and trend expert, Hearth and Home,

“Just like the perfect ‘little black dress,’ a classic light fixture in a black finish works in almost any home. Used sparingly, black adds a hint of designer drama without overpowering the space. It works well for a chandelier, sconce or in home accessories like pillows or artwork.” — Michael Murphy, design and trends producer, Lamps Plus, 


Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams



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